Winners 2020

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For the independent community pharmacist which has excelled in every aspect of their pharmacy.

Rikin Patel, Sharmans Pharmacy, Northwood

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winner Located at the heart of Northwood's shopping area, Sharmans has been providing pharmacy services for over 120 years. It is a forward-looking community pharmacy which is constantly looking at ways to innovate service models to deliver better health outcomes for its patients. An outstanding model that community pharmacy needs to strive for, Sharmans delivers the best service, having a locally selected offering of products that suits its customers.

For the pharmacy that has the most enterprising venture within any area of their pharmacy.

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Rebecca Myers Day Lewis Pharmacy, Croydon

winner Setting up a suite of PGDs for a pharmacy is challenging but setting them up across a multiple with nearly 300 pharmacies is another matter. With the aim to improve clinical quality, provide consistency with easy access and accreditation and reduce overall running costs, Day Lewis Pharmacy set about creating their own bespoke set of PGDs. Now with nearly 70 PGDs and over 1,000 accredited pharmacists, Day Lewis has opened up the suite to other independents.

Awarded to the community pharmacy who went above and beyond in time of crisis to support their local community.

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Rishi Bhatia RB Healthcare, Aintree

winner Pharmacist Rishi Bhatia raised over £3,000 to help ease chronic shortages of personal protective equipment in his local care homes by running five marathons over the course of a month in May 2020. He then rode, as part of a group of 20 cyclists called 'Blazing Saddles', form Manchester to Wales to raise over £45,000.

Awarded to the Pharmacy Team who has shown the most innovative. and forward-thinking approach to developing their primary care role.

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Sonichem Pharmacy Leicestershire

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winner Working closely with the local GP surgery, Sonichem Pharmacy has provided much needed bespoke consultations for mental health patients and on-going personal support. The service has been a huge success with positive outcomes for all participants. Pharmacist Amit Pattni also impressed local doctors enough to attract £25,000 to run a diabetes programme to reduce overall prescribing waste with insulin.

For the pharmacy assistant who has demonstrated a willingness to embrace new services and develop their OTC business.

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Heidi Norton, Bidford Pharmacy, Bidford on Avon, Warwickshire

winner Transitioning from the airline industry to healthcare was probably the most inspired move Heidi ever made. A health champion, she is a key member of this forward looking, hard-working team – and Heidi’s particular strength is talking to people, sometimes even visiting them at home – in her own time.

She has helped identify a stroke, skin cancer and helped countless others with sympathy, care and knowledge.

For the independent community pharmacist showing distinction in bringing new business thinking to their professional pharmacy business.

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Faheem Ahmed, Ahmeys Pharmacy, Oxford

winner Faheem shows what can be done when innovation is combined with vision. He has utilised his prescribing qualification to set up a pharmacist-led minor illness walk in clinic which the judges felt was a prime example of how service development in a community pharmacy should work. This model of healthcare provision reduced workloads on the local surgery, while improving Ahemys’ bottom line considerably.

For the pharmacy who has embraced natural healthcare and is working hard to promote natural healthcare products to the public and educate their customers.

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Flora Fountain Pharmacy Uxbridge

winner Punil Shah is an authority on nutritional health and well-being. Punil and his knowledgeable team help patients lead healthier lives focussing on nutrition, lifestyle and the prevention agenda. His pharmacy has a full range of natural healthcare products to complement his prescription and pharmaceutical services. The pharmacy has produced an easy to-read ‘Guide to Good Health’ booklet to help patients manage their own health.

For the pharmacy team who have worked collaboratively on a project or in the general workings of the pharmacy and can demonstrate a significant contribution to either patient care, business growth or the local community.

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Euro Chemist, Liverpool

winner Based in Chinatown in Liverpool, Euro Chemist is a shining example of a team of pharmacists who operate more like a family – with its roots deeply embedded in its community – and acting like a health hub – from which young, the old and even the isolated can benefit. Hosting tea mornings, charity events and gardening clubs, the team try to make everybody who comes into the pharmacy feel better than when they entered.

Awarded to the young pharmacist who has achieved success from an innovative approach to professional services, patient care and promoting natural health and wellness.

Yasmine Haq Knights Pharmacy Chain

winner Jasmine Haq started out as a ‘Saturday girl’ and has never looked back. Exceptional in her commitment and dedication, she already leads in the management of key services and works closely with the local surgery, understanding patient needs and seeing how the pharmacy and GP practice can both deliver better care. Despite her early years, she is already being seen as a role model in the profession.

For the pharmacist who has excelled in providing outstanding public health services and enhanced patient care in the community.

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Graham Phillips Manor Pharmacy, St Albans

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winner Graham Phillips’s eight-week ProLongevity programme is based on a personalised lifestyle approach that helps people lose weight, improve wellbeing, and avoid or reverse diabetes. It involves monitoring a patient by attached a glucose monitor to the patient's arm and using an app to establish links between their diet and corresponding blood sugar levels.

This game-changing innovation has been a huge success with life changing results for participants.

For the pharmacy who has embraced new technologies, big or small and implemented them into their business to improve patient services, safety or enhance business performance.

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Hodgson Pharmacy

winner Hodgson Pharmacy is leading the way for the profession to use technology in offering high quality, patient-led services and has seen a resulting uptick in numbers. Located in a rural area with 60 per cent of locals over 65, pharmacist Amish Patel has reached out – using a variety of technological tools – and has even seen people travel from abroad to access his services.

Hodgson Pharmacy has also invested in remote consultation software which allows patients to book a virtual consultation with the pharmacist for all concerns.

For a pharmacy or group of local pharmacies for an outstanding health initiative which has led to better health outcomes in the local community and demonstrated collaborative working between pharmacy and other healthcare professionals.

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Keiran Eason Easons Pharmacy

winner An outstanding pharmacist delivering great clinical services, Kieran Eason approached a locally commissioned minor ailment service with vigour and passion – notching up 50 consultations in just a week. Easons Pharmacy now provides diagnosis and treatment to more than 200 patients a month – covering a range of minor health issues from ear and throat conditions to UTIs and eczema. A resounding success.

For the independent community pharmacy who has played an outstanding role in service to the community, locally or nationally.

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Harlow Town Pharmacy, Harlow, Essex

winner Providing excellent care in a deprived area, this pharmacy has remained a pillar of support to a local community gripped by anxiety and fear during the pandemic. Our judges were particularly impressed by the way the pharmacist, Sabina Yasmin, has built a strong rapport with the local community.

One panic-stricken customer, feeling suicidal, called her because he thought she would listen. The patient is recovering well, thanks to Sabina’s good work. The pharmacy has also increased engagement and enhanced services much to local satisfaction.